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Legacy is defined as a gift that is handed down or 

conveyed from one person to another.  

Let's plan for your legacy today...

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In a family, a legacy is an inheritance and also the wisdom we give to our family members, our children and our friends. 

If you are a start up or seasoned entrepreneur, creating a legacy includes how you plan your business, impact those involved in your business and how you protect your business for the future. 

Having experienced a finance degree, corporate marketing positions, law school, law firm mergers plus starting and closing businesses,  my knowledge base is filled with wisdom about 

legacy planning and strategically pivoting in small or big ways. 

I am fascinated by the details of families that are planning their futures and the varying paths of business owners. Having the experience to provide problem solving skills, practical insight and strategy proposals 

is my legacy to others.

Plan for your Legacy Today.


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